We can produce hydrogen electrochemically using nano-engineered alloys as reagents. This works by reacting de-passivated alloy and water, to yield hydrogen. It’s extremely cost-effective due to the cost of the nano-engineered alloy reagent, and as such we can achieve the best price point in the world for green hydrogen. The process is also insensitive to the salinity of the water, and does not passivate.

Prior attempts in this area at MIT have investigated Aluminium-Gallium (Al-Ga) as a candidate, but the cost was many orders higher than what we can achieve. Simply, gallium is expensive at $900/kg, and in addition Aluminium-Gallium (Al-Ga) will passivate in calcium (Ca) rich water.

It is worth noting that Aluminium-Gallium (Al-Ga) reagents were designed by our CTO, Indrandil, at Schlumberger.