We will begin a concerted informational campaign targeting the major players in hydrogen (H2) to get collaborative commercial partnerships put in place.

We will engineer a 1000kg/pd working prototype machine that will automatically dispense the nano-oxide reagent pellets and generate hydrogen in a closed system, this is relatively simple. For storage and dispensers, we envisage using gaseous storage bought off the shelf from chart and others as such we will not manufacture these ourselves, but rather partner with other companies to manufacture them to save on capital expenditure.

We will, however, manufacture the rare earth oxide nano-pellets ourselves and the supply chain is secure and diversified. We will invest up-stream in production and off-take contracts in the longer-term.

We plan to adopt a profit share model with our customers, forming a 50:50 profit share agreements on both hydrogen (H2) sale margin and LCFS credits with operators, pricing both the pellets and machinery aggressively and make our margin on the constant recurring sales and credits. This will enable fast and widespread market penetration.

Our focus will be in US, Europe and the East in that order we will set up satellite sales offices in 2022.