Revolutionary Hydrogen Technology

Green Revolution Hydrogen has nano-engineered and patented an environmentally friendly, bio-compatible degradable rare earth oxide alloy that can be dissolved in any kind of water to make 100% pure hydrogen, the most cost effective green hydrogen in the world.

It’s a revolution …

  1. It is the greenest hydrogen in the world
  2. It is the best value green hydrogen in the world
  3. It can use saltwater or sewage water, rather than drinking water
  4. It doesn’t require electricity
  5. It can be built to any scale, onsite or hub and spoke
  6. Secure supply based on a diversified North American supply chain
  7. There is potential for hydrogen fuel generation aboard ships and vehicles
  8. It requires little capital expenditure to build hydrogen generators using this process
  9. It solves problems in the infrastructure for transporting energy, allowing for hydrogen generation capacity to be shipped in inert pellets.
  10. It provides portable, distributed power generation capacity.

… in short, it can provide green energy security for the entire world.

Electrolysis and steam methane reformation will both be made largely redundant by this technology.


We can produce hydrogen electrochemically using nano-engineered alloys as reagents. This works by reacting de-passivated alloy and water, to yield hydrogen. It’s extremely cost-effective due to the cost of the nano-engineered alloy reagent, and as such we can achieve the best price point in the world for green hydrogen. The process is also insensitive to the salinity of the water, and does not passivate.

Prior attempts in this area at MIT have investigated Aluminium-Gallium (Al-Ga) as a candidate, but the cost was many orders higher than what we can achieve. Simply, gallium is expensive at $900/kg, and in addition Aluminium-Gallium (Al-Ga) will passivate in calcium (Ca) rich water.

It is worth noting that Aluminium-Gallium (Al-Ga) reagents were designed by our CTO, Indrandil, at Schlumberger.

Meet the founders

Dr. Indranil Roy, PhD
Dr. Ting Roy, PhD
Carmine Battista

Professional expertise with exceptional pedigree and depth of experience.

The founders Carmine, Indranil and Ting as graduates of Oxford, MIT and the University of California, respectively, along with the rest of their team have extensive experience in energy and nano-materials at companies such as Shell and Schlumberger where they have collectively filed over 150 career patents and memos. They have each launched commercially successful start-ups across hydrogen, energy and nano-materials.


Green Revolution Hydrogen is a subsidiary of:

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US nanomaterial company develops rare earth alloy for $1/kg hydrogen production.

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